Amazon API Gateway LaunchPad

Training and Resources to get up to speed with Amazon API Gateway.

Amazon API Gateway LaunchPad

The Amazon API Gateway provides a consistent integrated experience for the building of serverless applications. The Gateway handles the processing of API calls.

API Gateway can act as the entryway that allows access to data, business logic, and/or functionality from your backend services.


The following training resources are really good to get up to speed on working with Amazon API Gateway:

Syntax Guidance:

Amazon API Gateway provides APIs for creating and deploying your APIs, also the APIs are available in standard AWS SDKs. If you are using a language for which an AWS SDK exists, you may prefer to use the SDK rather than using the API Gateway REST APIs directly.

Using the SDKs makes authentication simpler, integrates easily with your development environment, and provides easy access to API Gateway commands. Here are some resources where you'll find more information about the AWS SDKs and the REST API reference documentation:


These references have multiple artifacts that can help you learn more about API Gateway.